Dove Campaign 

My first paid campaign whoop whoop!!  They found me through a casting company who had stopped me and taken my details a year ago. Everything was just pot luck  really. They wanted me to talk about what my hair meant to me. It was an interesting experience and everything came very naturally to me because, Dove wanted me to just be myself, plus the team was lovely.  Hope you like the campaign  🙂


Find out more about Dove and being beautiful via their website .


‘Taking life one step at a time’


Working at Estée Lauder Companies (For Origins & Darphin )

Working at Estée Lauder companies for Origins & Darphin as a visual merchandising trainee has been amazing so far. I’ve been working for the company for a month and honestly I know I really have found my calling. Visual merchandising is not simple and it can actually be very labour intensive, but there is just something about it, I actually feel like I CAN ! if that even makes sense ha. I don’t feel like I will never get the hang of the job and that I’m useless at it. I know I have a lot to learn but I’m excited to learn. As a trainee I have been well and truly blessed with a lovely team, who are all very hard working. I really feel like I can get stuck in and help, I never feel like I have to tip toe around them trying to do things and I never feel like I have to prove myself beyond measure because I’m new. I just feel like I can be myself and JUST WORK HARD! Like I always do. As a visual trainee at Estée Lauder companies so far I have gone on store visits, made planograms (an outline of what should go where within the store) , decorated tables of a Darphin conference, refitted concessions and installed them the list goes on! I’m learning so much and have been traveling all over the UK e.g. Belfast, Bristol and Leeds for concession refits! I’m so excited for what the future holds  🙌🏾.

The truth is before this traineeship I was so lost, because I wanted to start a proper career and get out of retail. 

The story goes as follows………

Before university ended I had worked in different retail establishments as a sales assistant and VM and had done some styling work freelance. After university I struggled to get a job and had to go back into retail, so I started working at Next ltd as a sales assistant. While at Next I ended up applying for VM roles because it was what I wanted to do and got a job at Superdry as a visual merchandiser. I hated Superdry they weren’t nice, there was no growth because of there Hierarchical system which was a load of trollop!! Haha trying not to swear ☺️. They wanted me to do overnights when I was being paid peanuts, and they wanted me to work Saturdays, plus the working condition wasn’t right everything was dirty it was even hard to eat lunch humph!

I ended up struggling with depression and would come home crying every day it was horrible, I just wasn’t myself at all. So I woke up in the morning after a night of thinking and texted Steve (my boyfriend) and told him I was going to quit. I didn’t want to tell anyone else because they would tell me to hang in there and not to leave until I had something else. Which looking back on it now is the silliest thing for someone to say to someone who comes home crying about work all the time.

Steve supported my decision because I was just crying myself to sleep some nights. The Superdry Lakeside team were horrible,I had no friends and they treated me like I didn’t no what I was doing 24/7. So I went in on Friday and the short form of the story is I quit. Gosh!!! It took effort, but I remembered I owed them nothing at all because they treated me like rubbish.

It wasn’t easy to quit so many people had stuff to say that just added to how negative I felt about quitting my first job, I had never quit anything in my life before. It takes a strong person to walk away from something that isn’t benefiting them anymore. People always say endure, but to what cost?!!!!

Gosh I felt horrible when I quit, I didn’t know what I was doing I only knew that I wanted a head office job in beauty or fashion and this time I wasn’t going to give up till I found it. I had hardly any money and knew that my journey would be a struggle but I had to do it. So I went on universal credit (aka the new job seekers) and looked for work. I thank God for amazing family and an amazing boyfriend. They kept me going. Steve would help me with applications and cover letters and interviews (yeah i know he’s one of a kind tehehe). I applied for everything from allocation to visual merchandising to buying to customer services lol the list goes on.

It was a horrible process so many rejections from so many companies. So much crying and pep-talks from Steve ha. I had to try and remember to be grateful that I got call backs and interviews because people had it worst than me. But it was hard!

 Anyway back to the main story. How I got my job at Estée Lauder was funny because when I applied for this trainee job at Estée Lauder companies I had kind of given up. I was on holiday in Belgium with Steve and his family feeling a bit useless after a dinner conservation the night before with Steves family about what I was doing now and what I was looking for. His family are high flyers therefore it was hard telling them I quit superdry. I felt so embarrassed, so the morning after I refused to wallow and got up opened up my Mac and applied for all the jobs I could find that I wanted and that’s when I saw the position. I applied thinking nothing of it because I had applied to a similar job at the company before and didn’t get it. All I had to do was send off my linked in profile so I definitely thought it wasn’t going to work. However when I got back from our holiday I had several call backs from e.g. Sweaty Betty, House of Fraser, a casting company for a dove campaign. So I was happy but I didn’t get any of those jobs apart from being short listed for the dove campaign. So I carried on applying for jobs and finally got the email that changed my life the week after. A lovely women called Olivia emailed me to ask me if I wanted the job and the process began. I sent a fresh copy of my CV (I made sure it looked creative and amazing) and then I was invited in for an interview.

I had to make 2 moodboards (images are listed below) , for a skin care product with damask rose in it and present it to Gary and Faye (my vm team now). My interview was the best interview I have ever had because they were just so nice and easy to talk to and I felt like I fitted in. That week I had another interview for a company called mountain warehouse to be a buying & planning assistant but after the amazing interview at Estée Lauder I just didn’t bother with it and ended up canceling the interview, because I knew I wanted the job with origins & Darphin so bad. DONT TRY THIS AT HOME LOL. Anywho I got the job on Friday early in the morning ( the interview was on Monday) , I actually called Steve so happy and called my mum and cried lol. Getting a good job in what I wanted had been a long time coming !!!!

I was happy and felt freeeeeeeeeeee so freeeeeeeee. No more applying for jobs and wondering if I would ever get the chance to start a career. I’m far to grateful for this opportunity and even though it only lasts a year I know that this year is going to be so amazing and I’m going to learn so much. Whether they give me a permanent job after, that’s down to God but whatever happens I’ve started my career in one of the best companies. HANDS DOWN!!! Below and above are some pictures of my experience so far, hope you were blessed by my story. I think the moral of my story is if your work is causing you to be depressed and lose your shit. Stop! go on universal credit if you have to and find something else because you are no use to anyone when your not yourself.

P.s. This is just the beginnging of my epic job adventure hopefully !!! ill keep you posted 🙂

my second moodboard, used to describe how I would merchandise the product on counter.
my first mood board to describe my made up product.
All the 0ther trainees that started with me on are two day induction. Estee lauder companies is so big and there are so many roles. Most people were starting marketing or PR traineeships.




‘Taking life one step at a time’

Why I Naturally Became A Stylist?

I was bullied at a young age and told I wear the same thing everyday ha! It cut deep! I was so defensive and had the right to be, as a young child you don’t care what people think society hasn’t hit you yet, you wear what represents you or what you like from the things your parents have bought you. I wore what made me feel like me and made me happy but people bullied me for it, even in secondary school I was still bullied for the way I looked and what I wore. So in a weird way I think I took to watching people and paying close attention to what made them them. I no It sounds weird but I think even at a young age I wanted to change my style because of what the bullies said so I looked at people and kind of tried to absorb slash learn quickly what made people’s personal styles so special and recorded people’s mannerisms kind of. Let’s be honest I couldn’t afford anything yet but I made do and slowly built an eye.

Weird things is watching people didn’t make me change myself it only made me better and more aware of what fashion can do, hide, enhance, define, shadow, project. So in theory my bullies helped me develop a keen fashionable eye. enabling me to refine my taste level and build up a sort of metaphorical style bank in my head. I no it sounds weird right but there are decades, icons, different pieces of pop culture, movies, tv series, trends, and stand alone individuals stored in there. Of course, this bank is totally daily filled with more and more stuff. You see when your passionate about something it takes no effort and comes so naturally to you. Hopefully, other stylists do this too not just me pahaha. Any who I’ve decided to go into visual merchandising now because it’s more stable and the skills are transferable. It would be amazing if I did costume full time but I want a family in the future and just want to have some stability so I’m keeping my dreams and reality separate for a while 😊.



‘Taking life one step at a time’


Hi !!

Ive been away for sooooo long. I basically hated my job at superdry and really wanted to be out of retail and hated working in essex because of narrow minded people so i left. Now I’m looking for an new opportunity and it hasn’t been a easy ride. However recently i went to Belgium with Steve (my amazing boyfriend) and his family, it was lovely. From the food to the weather, its so funny because when you are on holiday you never appreciate it but after coming back to London it made me realise how lucky I was to get away from the hustle and bustle. We went to Knokke the beach was 2 minutes away from our apartment and there were so many things to try i felt like a kid in a candy store, unfortunately I’m lactose intolerant so i ended up not having such a pleasant ice cream experience (unbeknownst to everyone) next time ill stick to the sorbet. Anyway there are not many pictures but i hope, eventually things in my life will be more stable and i will be able to go on holiday more often.

‘taking life one step at a time’

FUSE ODG Styling Experience

Hey Guys  😛


So once upon a time i worked for Fuse Odg as his personal stylist, this was when he first was up and coming and well, i styled him at several concerts and shows e.g. supporting artist such as Kesha, Sean Paul and Wyclef Jean. I also worked for him styling his first big music video Antenna which got millions of views, i also styled him at wireless and for several other occasions e.g. meeting prime minsters, government officials in Africa  or going on tour. It was a fun experience, but the budget wasn’t very big and it wasn’t always easy not being able to be on site to personally put my last finishing touches on outfits a lot of the time. But any who, below are some video highlights of that partnership.

‘taking life one step at a time’


Uni Blues Anthem

Recently I’ve been going through a  bit of a tuff time, its hard to come out of uni and get into a completely different field to what you have studied, even if you have had experience. Ive had to do a lot of fighting and pushing in terms of my emotions and i know i still have a lot of fighting and hard times ahead to get to where i want to be. Im not completely sure what i want to do right now i would say visual merchandising, because one of my greatest talents is my visual eye. However i can’t be sure where i will end up in the future and i guess thats what causes us to have the blues sometimes. I had the uni blues when i graduated because i didn’t know what i was going to do and i just didn’t have many options because my degree held me back and so did my dyslexia. But I’ve gotten a job as an instore VM in Superdry and even though its nothing really, I’m just going to take every day one step at a time. Any who this post was meant to be about this song by Jess Glynne, Its the best song ever and will speak to any person going through Uni Blues or just a hard time.

‘taking life one step at a time’