Hello World!

Wow so Word Press is taking some getting used to! But i am very excited i mean i can’t lie it has taken me ages not to buy the domain but to create a website that i was okay saying represented me and  (what I’m calling my blog) my Collective Space. To me a collective space is a place where a creative can show case there art or how they are feeling in a no bad vibes free zone. I can’t lie to you we all have so many dreams in life, therefore we try starting things and then we get demotivated and it takes the grace of God or just getting to the point where you actually can’t take it no more and then you give yourself that final push to complete the project. I can’t lie to you there are so many sites in the world because we are in that age where everyone wants there own site therefore i nearly talked myself out of making this space so many times.

Thankfully that push came in the form of graduating and finding it hard to find a job due to me not studying what i am totally passionate about. This collective space is majorly inspired by that push so get ready to not only get happy go lucky posts but to actually get the real me. Im not creating this space because i want to be the next big blogger! no! To me this is more than blogging its all about me really. Selfish i no haha. But yes its just better for me to have everything I’m thinking or feeling as a creative all in one place and its also amazing being able to say that i have ticked it off my bucket list 🙂 whoop! the truth is i don’t really expect anyone to come on this site.

I am optimistic about my future and do hope to just teach myself new things and get to know loads of new people this year and next year and build my own future not around work or other peoples preconceived notions of what successful steps look like.

Life is to short why not live it how you want to! Yes that does sound cheesy and almost stupid coming from a broke graduate, but life always has an upside! This collective space will definitely push me and challenge me, lets see what happens a! This week and next week I’m going to be blogging a lot of throwbacks of e.g. work, shoots, old rants, vlogs etc. Look out for it! This post wasn’t really meant to be anything special just a post to say HELLO WORLD! watch this space.

So talk to you soon-ish ha! ………..


‘taking life one step at a time’


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