The Grind!!!

Hey Guys! okay this is a throwback but also an on going thing! Okay okay so when i finished university like a day after a friend called Nosa an amazing director may i just add that in, messaged me and asked me if i wanted to help do costume for a web series that she was thinking of making called The Grind. She told me it was all about struggling creatives and well drama haha. When i heard that i was like thats me where do i sign up!!!!!!! Let me not lie i was excited but at the same time i was nervous i had stopped styling because it was a lot of work and there was hardly any reward because the artists claimed your art as theres and also going back into full time education to finish uni had lost me a lot of my contacts. I tell you being focused came with a reward and a price! But this opportunity was to good to pass up plus it wasn’t styling really it was more of creating a human being on another human being if that makes sense. I was also excited to work with the actors to i guess, to create fake mannerisums and the like. Let me just say this, *cough cough* costume is not easy at all!! especially when your producing a pilot, therefore your trying to keep the cost down. Thankfully London is a beautiful city and well the whole team is amazing and know more amazing people.

But yes so in August i believe i started working on the pilot with the cast and the team everything happened really fast but i wasn’t complaining really. However being honest it was a bit hard on my finances seeing as i had just finished university but thats life! You really have to go for your dreams. Being a confused undergraduate has made me dream of being in many careers, but thats just because of stability. Haha i remember recently in a drunken endless rant i was telling a friend of how my brother makes more money than me. some people would see that as being well gel ha but no! it just gets embarrassing sometimes, because you want to feel like the big sister that can do things for him. So yes but back to the main point thats why i have had so many career aspirations because i have felt like what society would call a failure because of my lack of progression in my desired field. Therefore i tried so many times to move on to the next best career or tried to attempt something that would make me look better or make more money than freelancing of course. However, If I’m really honest i would love to go into wardrobe/costume full time nothing would make me happier it is the ideal job for me. Don’t get me wrong i know it can be stressful OH MY MY MY! but i do actually love it i remember me and a guy i was dating talking about working on a set styling movies or a series being an ideal job, i never thought in a million years that i would ever be able to do it.

Look i may not be working on the game of thrones, I’m not sure there really looking for a hoody/denim jeans kind of costume desginer anyway ha! But i am really happy being part of something that matters! I mean this summer has been very interesting and working on The Grind has come with it share of rewards. I have met cool people and was even offered two Jobs to do costume on two different movie sets and the pay was very Good. However i missed the call both times i no! life sucks, however i had to quickly pick myself up and remind myself, that weeks slash months ago no one was calling you so be happy that they thought of you and look to the future.

I don’t Know where i will be come january when i turn 23 however I’m looking forward by Gods grace to be doing more espidoes of what i think is one of the best series ideas that has been put forward for production in time. I can definitely say that this series will speak to every creative out there!

This link will get you to our website ( The Grind Website ) and well below i have attached some of my favourite costume pictures so far (of the main cast) and one of our behind the scenes videos! Have a Gander are Trailer will be out soonish! …..



‘taking life one step at a time’

Sage & avery having a chin wag!
Josh and Nick on there way to Turn UP!

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