New Creative To Look Up To: Sharen Davis

Her name is almost spelt the same as mine 🙂 i nearly got overly excited. But yes today my mother woke me up crazy early because she was looking for something that she had lost herself shake my head, so i cut slices off my brothers birthday cake and made some peppermint tea and watched the movie ‘the help’. I had watched it before and thought it was really good but i just decided to watch it again because i had just finished watching season 1 of ‘how to get away with murder’ and absolutely love Viola Davis!

At the end of the movie i decided to pay attention to the credits and found out about this amazing costume designer called Sharen Davis. The video below shows her talking about work. I was very surprised that she fell into the job considering her amazing resume. She has been the costume designer for Django, The pursuit of happiness, Godzilla, the help, seven pounds, the book of eli, Ray, barber shop, rush hour the list goes on.

I’m happy i found out about her, its nice to start the week with a little bit of inspiration and someone to look up to career wise. watch the video.

The only thing to ask my self now is how do i get there hmmmm? and is this the job that is in line with my destiny or does it just look fun?


‘taking life one step at a time’


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