Uni Blues Anthem

Recently I’ve been going through a  bit of a tuff time, its hard to come out of uni and get into a completely different field to what you have studied, even if you have had experience. Ive had to do a lot of fighting and pushing in terms of my emotions and i know i still have a lot of fighting and hard times ahead to get to where i want to be. Im not completely sure what i want to do right now i would say visual merchandising, because one of my greatest talents is my visual eye. However i can’t be sure where i will end up in the future and i guess thats what causes us to have the blues sometimes. I had the uni blues when i graduated because i didn’t know what i was going to do and i just didn’t have many options because my degree held me back and so did my dyslexia. But I’ve gotten a job as an instore VM in Superdry and even though its nothing really, I’m just going to take every day one step at a time. Any who this post was meant to be about this song by Jess Glynne, Its the best song ever and will speak to any person going through Uni Blues or just a hard time.

‘taking life one step at a time’


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