Hi !!

Ive been away for sooooo long. I basically hated my job at superdry and really wanted to be out of retail and hated working in essex because of narrow minded people so i left. Now I’m looking for an new opportunity and it hasn’t been a easy ride. However recently i went to Belgium with Steve (my amazing boyfriend) and his family, it was lovely. From the food to the weather, its so funny because when you are on holiday you never appreciate it but after coming back to London it made me realise how lucky I was to get away from the hustle and bustle. We went to Knokke the beach was 2 minutes away from our apartment and there were so many things to try i felt like a kid in a candy store, unfortunately I’m lactose intolerant so i ended up not having such a pleasant ice cream experience (unbeknownst to everyone) next time ill stick to the sorbet. Anyway there are not many pictures but i hope, eventually things in my life will be more stable and i will be able to go on holiday more often.

‘taking life one step at a time’


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