Why I Naturally Became A Stylist?

I was bullied at a young age and told I wear the same thing everyday ha! It cut deep! I was so defensive and had the right to be, as a young child you don’t care what people think society hasn’t hit you yet, you wear what represents you or what you like from the things your parents have bought you. I wore what made me feel like me and made me happy but people bullied me for it, even in secondary school I was still bullied for the way I looked and what I wore. So in a weird way I think I took to watching people and paying close attention to what made them them. I no It sounds weird but I think even at a young age I wanted to change my style because of what the bullies said so I looked at people and kind of tried to absorb slash learn quickly what made people’s personal styles so special and recorded people’s mannerisms kind of. Let’s be honest I couldn’t afford anything yet but I made do and slowly built an eye.

Weird things is watching people didn’t make me change myself it only made me better and more aware of what fashion can do, hide, enhance, define, shadow, project. So in theory my bullies helped me develop a keen fashionable eye. enabling me to refine my taste level and build up a sort of metaphorical style bank in my head. I no it sounds weird right but there are decades, icons, different pieces of pop culture, movies, tv series, trends, and stand alone individuals stored in there. Of course, this bank is totally daily filled with more and more stuff. You see when your passionate about something it takes no effort and comes so naturally to you. Hopefully, other stylists do this too not just me pahaha. Any who I’ve decided to go into visual merchandising now because it’s more stable and the skills are transferable. It would be amazing if I did costume full time but I want a family in the future and just want to have some stability so I’m keeping my dreams and reality separate for a while 😊.



‘Taking life one step at a time’


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